What are the cyber security career options

If you are considering a cyber security career, there are various paths you can take. The image below shows you

the different areas you can choose to pursue.


So what do each of these roles do?

  • Security Architect – A security architect designs a system’s security.
  • Security auditor – This job involves assessing cyber vulnerabilities and risks.
  • Security administrator – This role audits and evaluates cyber security effectiveness. The security administrator manages an organisation’s systems in light of security
  • Cyber security lawyer – This role focuses on data protection and effective handling of information and data breaches.
  • Cyber security insurance professional – This job involves analyzing organizations’ cyber risks and underwriting cyber risk policies
  • Cyber security technical writer – A cyber security technical writer is involved with reporting the happenings in the cyber space through news, research articles, online publications etc. Technical writers are also involved in writing security product technical specifications and instructional materials.
  • Security analyst – This role involves assessing vulnerabilities in infrastructure and identifying and guiding on suitable countermeasures to security threats, events and risks.
  • Security engineer – A security engineer carries out monitoring of networks and systems, evaluations of logs, detects security incidents, conducts forensic analysis and investigates new measures and ways to improve cyber security capabilities.
  • Security software developer – This role is involved with the development of security software and tools such as Intrusion detection systems, monitoring tools, Anti-malware etc.
  • Cryptographer – Uses encryption techniques to secure information and software.
  • Cryptanalyst – Analyses encrypted messages in order to recover the encryption mechanism used or the code.
  • Security consulting – A security consultant is a specialist in any or many of the above mentioned roles whose job is to protect systems, networks and information.
  • Chief Information Security Officer- Responsible for an organization’s information security
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